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Cucumber Crush is an easy drinking blend of high quality white wine infused with natural cucumber flavor. Crafted in a traditional style with a refreshing Cucumber twist. Best Enjoyed with good friends, good times, and good feelings. 

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$75 ($65 Society)

Zero Sugar

Low Calories

Natural Flavor

White Wine

Always Satisfying

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$150 ($130 Society)

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More Good Times

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The   Perfect  Companion
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There's a lot of life out there to live, so go live it. Our wines are the perfect companion for any experience.

Resealable Lid

Our full bodied wines come with a resealable lid! Check it out...

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Recurring monthly order of at least one case. Switch up your order any time. Minimum 3 month order commitment for any flavor & style of your choice. 

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Go out Enjoy life & drink well...

On the go, out for fun, and all adventures in between pairs well with SoDown.