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Thanks for your interest in participating in our influencer program, please take time to review the details and sign up if you are interested in participating. We will review each account and contact you directly if you are selected to be a part of the program. If you have any questions please email us at

Influencer Program Details

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SoDown Wine Co. is a new canned wine product from Eugene, Oregon that offers high quality infused wines in a traditional and slightly sparkled style. Our wines taste great, they are zero sugar, low calories, and offer a high quality alternative to other traditional wines and hard-seltzers. 


Our Influencer Package:

Complimentary 4 pack of wines - (One of each flavor and style)

One-time SoDown Society Coupon to use on our website for $10 off a 8-pack or $20 off a case. 

Each Participate Receives a Unique SoDown Society Coupon Code To Participate In Contest.

Influencer Incentive Contest:

Influencer Incentive Program:

10 coupon uses - Free Koozie & Sticker Pack

25 coupon uses - Additional 4 pack of your SoDown wine of choice + Koozie

50 coupon uses - Free 8 pack of your SoDown wine of choice + T-Shirt

75 coupon uses - Free 12 pack of your SoDown wine of choice + T-Shirt & Koozie

100 coupon uses - Free 24 pack of your SoDown wine of choice + T-Shirt & Koozie

(The more it is used the better incentive you qualify for.)  

The Top Influencer Prize:

As part of this ongoing contest, we will crown an influencer of the year and provide them with a complimentary SoDown society membership. (That's one case of wine each month at no charge!) *Minimum 50 coupon uses

Posting Outline: 

If you are chosen to participate we ask that you post in the following ways at least one time. 

1.Timeline Post and tagging @Sodownwineco - This must be left up for at least 6 months

2. Story Post - Any type of story that highlights the product, and promotes discount.

3. SoDown Story Post - Posting a #SoDownfor.... fill in the blank that will be compiled on our profiles highlights. 


We ask that all post also include the hashtag #Sodownwine 

Posting Limitation: We do not have a limit, and the more you post the more your coupon code can be used. 

Join The Team...

You must be following @SoDownWineCo to be considered!

Thanks for submitting!

3.10.23 SD Crisp Cucumber 250ml-02.png
3.10.23 SD Raspberry 250ml-02.png
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